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hot days roofing

August 12, 2010

Last  two days hae been spent helping my brother tear off and replace a roof over in west town. Who doesnt like being on a roof in 90+ degress? Two great things come out of doing a roof in the summer…customer gets a new roof that will last 30 years and I get a tan tht will last a week!!


stone walls…again

August 10, 2010

Beautiful stone walls now lead to the entrance of a newly constructed  energy star home!  Salt & pepper stone on the circular driveway adds country ambiance. Yes it its very nice but back-breaking work!!  One more day and another 25 ton of stone and we will be done. Good news for the day is the floor guy is finally coming back to finish the last two coats of high gloss polyurethane oak, maple, and bloodwood have never been so happy!! I’ll post pictures soon.  The gutters are finally on and I am nearing the finish line…i just need to hook up the power!!

linked blog to facebook

August 8, 2010

For those of you don’t know about Third Generation Homes please come check us out at If you have looked at it before, i have made many recent changes to it. Some of you have made suggestions most of which have been applied to the web site! Thank you to all and please keep the ideas flowing.

productive day

August 6, 2010

I wish every day was a productive one.  We all want that right? Today we were able to put more rock into a rock wall we are building at Cox rd, doesn’t sound like fun but it looks great. Also scrapped a lil aluminum and got $96 bucks! not bad. Then it was off to the office where Erin spent some quality time helping me with this blog (I picked out picture on top of page but she showed me where to look for pictures!) Finally the most exciting news our website! I have been working very hard on this and today the guys from (who built my website) added a few small thing but it is just coming together and i am very happy with it!

my blog!

August 5, 2010

I now have a blog on my website! how cool is this? For a guy that’s not exactly a technical genius, im doing it…baby steps but you have to crawl before you walk right??